109 Year Old Woman Shares Tips For a Long Life

Tips For a Long Life

109 Year Old Woman Shares Tips For a Long Life

If you want advice for something, you should ask someone who is good at it and has a lot of experience. It can be sports, sciences, arts, you name it. The same goes for longevity. Who better to ask than people who reached a ripe age of over 100 years. Holiday Retirement did just that several years ago.

Tips For a Long Life

The 2015 survey across USA

The inquiry was done throughout the states and questioned many senior citizens about tips on achieving a long and happy life. They targeted people that were older than 100 years. As expected, different people gave completely different answers. Some talked about happiness through spending time with family and relatives, others about doing the things they loved the most. Out of all the surveyed old people, a Scottish granny stood out by her intriguing answer about her secret to living a long life.

Jesse Gallan

This old lady was born all the way back in 1906 in eastern Scotland. She and her six siblings grew up on a family farm, living a quiet and simple life. Although she lived in rural conditions, she soon went to school and after that found a job in a kitchen. Later she would be a housemaid for a wealthy family, which helped her to get into the service industry. She kept on working till retirement, and eventually went to a retirement home for alone and ill elderly people. The staff there said that she was a lovely nice old lady that loved her exercise and music alongside her friend Sarah Jane. She passed away on the same year the survey was done. But she managed to share her thoughts on the matter of longevity and happiness. She said that avoiding men played a great role in her longevity because they caused too much trouble for her. Funnily enough, she added that her daily porridge consumption was also to be taken into account, simply because she loved eating it so much.

Some thoughts

Now these tips aren’t something that you hear every day that’s for sure. But as with everything, these devices shouldn’t be taken so close to heart. Achieving a long and full life varies from person to person and depends on a myriad of things. But at least we hope that this peculiar advice from a cheerful Scottish granny made you giggle.

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