5 Natural Tips for White Teeth

Tips for White Teeth

5 Natural Tips for White Teeth

  • To have a bright smile with white teeth is something everyone dreams of. But many people have yellow or grey teeth. Unsightly stains that tea, coffee, and wine drinkers and smokers are familiar with.
  • Oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth. Brushing your teeth three times a day for at least two minutes eliminates plaque, which is partly responsible for staining. As for the use of dental floss, it avoids the build-up of food deposits.
  • Despite these precautions, your teeth may have an unsightly hue. There are, however, some natural tips for whitening one’s teeth without going through the “dentist’s” box.

1. Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is known for its many virtues. Its abrasive action allows it to “sand” your teeth. It is, therefore, recommended to not abuse this particularly effective product.

Sprinkle sodium bicarbonate on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you usually do. Limit yourself to once a week big maximum.

2. Vegetable charcoal

Charcoal provides good results for whitening teeth. A tip from our grandmother’s, it also has the advantage of treating halitosis (bad breath). But be careful, there is no question of using charcoal bought for barbecue grills…

Purchased in pharmacies, the charcoal is deposited on the toothbrush and then applied to the teeth. Do not worry if your smile is black: rinse your mouth and you will discover a white smile.

3. Green clay

Green clay is a 100% natural product that is mainly used as a mask on the skin. It also has a real whitening action on the teeth.

Mix it with water to make a paste and use it as a toothpaste.

4. The apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away forever”… and if it was the dentist? Although it does not replace brushing teeth, it helps to limit the formation of cavities. It is also an excellent snack to take in case of hunger.

Crunching an apple, a fruit whose flesh is acidic allows the activation of salivation and consequently limits the deposit of tartar.

5. Sea salt

This is the most economical tip yet it has proven itself. Indeed, sea salt is rich in iodine and has antiseptic properties. Easy to find, buy it organic if possible, in your supermarket.

Dilute sea salt in a glass of warm water and soak your toothbrush in it. Carry out a classic brushing.

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