8 most simple way to stay fit and healthy

stay fit and healthy

List of 8 most simple way to stay fit and healthy.

Our website heathyfavortoday.com gives information about various fitness-related problems and also gives descriptive solutions for the various problems of your body. All of us think of losing weight when it comes to healthy and fit life most of the time forgetting that being healthy and strong is more important than having a slim body. Fitness does not only mean losing weight. Fitness is both physical and mental as well and accepts it or not both of them are interrelated with each other and hence get affected by each other as well. So if you are looking for the usual weight loss mantras to avoid carbs then this is not the article for you. But if you are here to have a healthy body and a healthy mind as well then you should read through to find a solution to a healthy life in this article you will learn, How to stay fit and healthy?

Most of the time obesity comes when we are not exercising enough, due to certain physiological disorder, or mostly because of continuous eating unhealthy food, I understand that it is not always possible to ignore your favorite food and keep the strong will and eat healthily so here is the solution to a healthy life while enjoying it.

As we know that the brain plays its vital role in almost every functioning of the body so it is really important to stay calm and not take stress for maintaining fit health. Then comes the obesity fear, fear of looking “fat” Fear of being unable to play outdoor sports, fear of dying early age, etc.

This leads us to find various methods to find easy ways of health and fitness. But to maintain reasonable body weight, we have to be diligent and ever-vigilant. We look for solutions, we count calories, we calculate grams of carbohydrate, fats, and proteins, we take appetite suppressants or starve ourselves to death but the problem of the overweight and unhealthy body still as prevalent as ever.

So we are discussing here is not just only about weight loss but also about other health problems

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1. Drink lots of water

It is really important to drink a minimum of 3 to 5 liters of water daily when we are willing to maintain good health. Water helps to keeps the body clean. Water is essential for kidneys and other bodily functions. Dehydration can lead to various skin disorders and wrinkling. Drinking water instead of soda can help in weight loss. Drinking water while exercising boosts performance although this topic is under debate yet it has been proven that dehydration reduces performance in activities that last longer than 30 minutes.

2. Eat Slowly

As mentioned before that it is not necessary to eat measured food. But it is important to maintain a healthy body and normal weight. It is seen that fast eaters are much more likely to be obese than slow eaters. After the meal, the gut suppresses a hormone called GHRELIN, which controls hunger and also releases fullness hormones. This process takes 20 mins. So slow eating gives our brain at that time.

3. Do not eat less eat healthy

Carbs are important just accept this. When we start taking a low carbohydrate diet we may lose weight as our body breaks down the stored carbohydrate but it’s not a normal balance of physiologic nutrition. As soon as we start eating carbohydrates again our body replenishes our carbohydrate stores and our weight comes back. So it is really important to eat the right carbohydrate. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, the best carbohydrate are those that contain a lot of fiber, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. So USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommends eating high fiber carbohydrate foods and avoid added sugars. Healthy carbohydrates along with physical activities are the healthiest path to maintain a proper weight.

4. Dry Fruits helps in maintaining a healthy body

Adding fry fruits to diet plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy body. Dry fruits such as Dried Apricots can still hunger for up to 5 hours, 100 gm of dried apricots contain only 200 kcal which makes it one of the best dried fruit for weight loss. Dried plums or Prunes contain a lot of dietary fiber that helps the body get rid of waste and toxins promoting weight loss. 100 gm of the product contains 240 kcal. Hazelnuts are the ultimate source of dietary fiber and healthy fats that are famous for weight loss. 100 gm of the product contains 628 kcal, with 10 gm of fiber in it. Dry fruits help in overall maintaining of good health.

5. Avoid Soft Drinks

Any regular Soft drinks had an excess amount of sugar in them. So if you are on your mission to maintain a healthy weight it is really important to reduce or avoid the intake of soft drinks. Excess amount of soft drinks intake can also lead to high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels, risk factors for heart diseases, and many more. Even Diet Sodas are not that good for health it is not nutritious at all. Instead of the risk of becoming overweight increases up to 41%with every bottle of diet soda, they drink daily. One of the main scientifically proven results shows that, although diet soda contains non-calorie sweeteners but consuming non-sweeteners may actually make you hungrier.

6. Stay miles away from 3Ds

  1. Diet
  2. Device
  3. Drug

The above-mentioned 3Ds have to be avoided as much as possible. An unnecessary diet can lead to serious health problems. So it is very important to avoid unnecessary and wrong diet. The various weight losing devices that can actually affect our health to a huge extent. so it is very important to avoid such devices which can cause serious health problems. Next comes Drug, we can find various drugs which guarantee weight loss within a certain amount of time. But such drugs can have serious side-effects so it is much wise to not get involved with any of the above mentioned Ds.

7. Maintaining Balance between eating living food and cooked food

It is really important to eat as much living food as cooked food. Maintaining a balance between eating living food and cooked food is very important. Because cooked food bombards us with energy and eating raw food burns up calories. Including Salads in the menu or consuming salad one time, a day can help in the maintenance of that balance. Also, Starch found in raw food is hard to digest, and also chewing more burns up calories.

8. Take a walk daily

To maintain a healthy body, it is really very important to stay indulged in physical activities. Even if it not really possible to go jogging or gym or yoga regularly. A regular walk from the office to home or taking a staircase instead of the lift will affect health in a good way. It is not always necessary to involve in brutal exercises. Regular Small steps can cause huge changes.

All the “ 8 simple ways to stay fit and healthy ” can help us maintain a healthy and fit life.

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