What is coronavirus? History Symptoms and preventive measures


What is coronavirus? History Symptoms and preventive measures

What is corona virus?

The name “corona” comes from “crown of a sugary protein” . and the family is not new to the world. The coronavirus is a primitive family of viruses which was first described in details 1960s. Before it was not seen to infect humans much we have a handful of lethal cases in the past years but again in 2003 SARS( severe acute respiratory syndrome) Coronavirus again in 2012 MERS-Cov (MIDDLE EAST RESPIRATORY SYNDROME)was reported in Saudi Arabia and then again in 31st December 2019 from Wuhan city China outbreak of novel coronavirus is noticed.

Wuhan novel coronavirus

This is the new strain of corona virus that not has been identifies before in humans. It is identified to have high( around 4.08) reproductive number which affects is transmission or attack rate. This value exceeds WHO estimate which was between 1.4-2.5. and the fatality rate (death rate) is considered around 2% . Symptoms of coronavirus may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days.

  • 71% reported cases were male.
  • Till 4th February 2020.
  • 20,600 cases have been reported of which.
  • 2700 critical conditions are noticed.
  • Recovered patients are 680.
  • Dead patients are 420 (approx).


Some symptoms of n-cov (novel coronavirus) 2019 are runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, some people are noticed to have pneumonia and can cause death.

Preventive measures.

Wash your hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap and water. This kills the virus on your hand.

Maintain distant of at least 1 m between yourself and people with cough, fever or cold.

Avoid touching eyes nose and mouth.

If you are having fever cough and difficulty in breathing seek medical advice early.

Practice general hygiene measures visit in animal markets, or wet markets. Avoid contact with animals in the market.


History of Coronavirus

SARS Coronavirus ( Severe acute respiratory syndrome )

SAR-CoV was first thought to be animal virus from some bat or civet cats ( yet uncertain source) . This virus first infected humans in Guangdong Southern china.

SARS-CoV had infected 26 countries and more than 8000 cases have been reported.

Nature of SARSCoV

The SARS-Cov showed symptoms of influenza like and included fever , headache, diarrhoea, shivering but no individual symptoms are proved to be specific. Although fever is noted frequently in most of the cases.


MERS Coronavirus is seen to transmitted between animals and humans .The origin of this virus has not been fully understood yet but it was believed that it has been originated from bats and transmitted to camels in some distant past. It has started from Saudi Arabia with 80% of the reported cases and rest 20% are from other parts of the world. Approximately 35% of the cases are reported dead. According to WHO(World Health Organisation) Vaccines of MERS are still in development.


MERS-CoV is not identified to pass from human to human transmission unless there is some close contact the route of transmission is from animals to humans which is too not fully understood.


Although No clinical symptoms had been identified but some common findings were fever cough shortness of breadth, pneumonia . Gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhoea have also been reported. The virus is appeared to cause severe diseases in weaker immune people and older people. These are renal diseases chronic lung disease even cancer.

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