Five Types Of Synchronistic Encounters

Synchronistic Encounters

Five Types Of Synchronistic Encounters That Prove We Don’t Meet Anyone By Coincidence

We don’t meet anyone by chance, sometimes some people are meant to cross our path for a reason. They can turn out to be either a blessing or a lesson.

Some people say every encounter in our lives happens accidentally, but I couldn’t disagree more. Nothing happens by coincidence in this world. Meeting certain people’s phenomenon that might as well defy any rational or possible scientific explanation.

  • Throughout our life we meet all different kinds of people. Some of them stay with us forever and influence our lives to an extent that we could have never imagined.
  • Others crossed our paths, barely noticeable and we hardly remember them but each one of them has a purpose or an impact by being in our lives. For example, some encourage us to pursue our goals and dreams and they teach us how to improve ourselves both personally and professionally.
  • On the other hand others teach us that life is hard and that it takes a lot of strength, as well as courage to withstand all the problems and hard obstacles life throws our way.

Here are the five noncoincidental encounters you’ll have with people in your life.

1. The people that remind you.

Have ever felt like you’ve lost the purpose of your life or you need to do some soul searching? Well those people come into your life to help you return to the right path to your success and happiness.

They are here to remind you and encourage you to work hard towards your goals and avoid all distractions that can make you go another direction or deviate from the right path.

These people usually share the same interest with you and they’re always there to remind you of your abilities and strengths so tomorrow you can keep on progressing. These people stay with you for a temporary period of time but have an impact on your life that lasts forever.

2. The people whose encounters push you to grow

These people are like teachers that will come into your life to teach you things you’ve never thought about before. Often they teach difficult lessons to help you further your personal and professional growth.

They help you choose the right direction to become the best version of yourself.

3. The people who awaken you

some people don’t stay long in your life, but still, they have an effect on your life and over you. This kind of person helps you fill your passions and dreams.

They try to motivate you to never give up. They will encourage you to find new ways and take steps to reach your goals no matter how high they are, they will keep on inspiring you to never stop dreaming.

4. The people who hold space

These people stay a short while in your life. These are the people you’ll meet every day and as soon as they cross your path you forget about them.

These people you will usually meet at parties, on the bus, in the mall, or simply on the streets. You can have a small talk with them about everyday stuff, but you never make a deep and meaningful connection with them.

5. The ones who stay

Whether is a family member or a friend or your partner, these are the people who are so difficult to find, but they are the most valuable people you’ll ever meet. They will stay by your side and lift you when you’re at your lowest.

They encourage you to do things you never thought you would be able to do. They share the same interests and goals with you and will always want the best for you.

For you to find these people you have to be patient, but once you’ll find them they’ll stay with you for good and you’ll see that they’re definitely worth every second of your time you spent waiting for them.

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