Food Replacements for Bad Cholesterol Medications


Food Replacements for Bad Cholesterol Medications

When talking about health and diet, many people choose to avoid fats in their food to lower their cholesterol levels. But some of them take a step further and use pills or other kinds of medication to keep the cholesterol even lower. One of them is a statin and its usage in the USA among its citizenry is pretty high, especially by folks in their 40s and higher. Some consumption estimates go up to one out of four people. It is a billion-dollar business and it does lower cholesterol, but there is more to it.

Many side effects

Although it is good at its basic job in lowering cholesterol, statin causes many other side effects. Its users may start having problems with fatigue, anemia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer, and many others. “$29 billion reasons to lie about cholesterol” is a documentary made by Justin Smith, in which he reports that men that were in their 60s and 70s and took medications to lower cholesterol also increased their risks of heart diseases and coronary problems and that they weren’t the only ones to do so. The Journal of the American Medical Association in the 90s also reported that the use of statins isn’t advised for people that tend to coronary and heart problems, as well as cancer. Besides the aforementioned negative side effects, statins may cause depression, anxiety, neurological and memory issues, lowered testosterone in men, weakened immune system, increased blood sugar and the list goes on and on. This information goes to show that statins may actually cause more harm than good. And there is something else to add.

Necessity for cholesterol

A human body needs many things to function properly. Fats are one of them. But in the past two decades, they are given a bad name, especially cholesterol. But in fact, cholesterol is a much-needed addition to our diet. Cardiologists and other medical experts claim that cholesterol is essential for healthy brain function and hormone production. Doctor Stephen Sinatra, also a cardiologist, informs us about a study in which 180 000 men took part over a course of 13 years. That study showed that people with lower cholesterol levels showed greater chances for a hemorrhagic stroke, which causes bleeding in the brain. He also points out how cholesterol helps our neurotransmitters and vitamin D3 absorption, and how the lack of cholesterol leads to memory problems and much worse. So if it is not all about lowering cholesterol, then what should we do to be healthier?

Better food alternatives

Despite debunking the myth about cholesterol, you should know that too much cholesterol is bad for you, just like with everything else. If you indeed have problems with high cholesterol, then you should consider consuming two things in your daily diet. Avocado is known for its great nutritional properties and it is shown that although it is very fatty, it in fact lowers cholesterol more than a low-fat diet, as shown in a Pennsylvania university study. A spoonful of wheatgrass is also a good thing to add to your daily diet because it also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. But even both things added to your life, being more careful with your overall nutrition and increasing your activity levels is paramount for achieving your goal for health and vigor.

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