Ginger Wraps For Healthier Lungs

Ginger Wraps

No matter how healthy you are or how hard you try to be, we all eventually get some kind of cold or flu. Although it’s nothing serious most of the time, it never fails to annoy us.

Whether it is the constant sneezing, coughing, or feverish feeling, we hate every minute of it. Usually, you would get some medications to make the healing process faster unless you want to fight for more than a week.

Ginger Wraps For Healthier Lungs

But those are not your only options, at least for the coughing part. We all know that ginger is good for you, but this natural remedy is used a bit differently.

Ginger wraps

  • The ingredients of these wraps are as follows: one tablespoon of flour, two tablespoons of olive oil, one and a half tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of shredded or powdered ginger, a napkin, gauze, and adhesive tape.
  • First you mix the flour and honey, and then you add the olive oil and the ginger. Stir them until they homogenize and then you put the whole thing on a napkin and wrap it with gauze. All that remains is to tape the wrap on your chest and let it stay for the entirety of the night. Children require lesser time.
  • This will make you sweat, but it is nothing to be alarmed about because it’s a normal reaction. This thing helps you to relieve yourself of annoying coughs and mucus. The ingredients themselves are great, to begin with.
  • Honey, ginger, and olive oil are all good for you for many reasons, like improving your immune system, preventing diabetes and cancer, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, just to name a few. So it really shouldn’t be too surprising that it helps you fight off coughs. The only difference is that you don’t consume them directly.

Preventing coughs

Treating a sickness is important and all, but preventing it in the first place is way better. That is why you need to stick to a better lifestyle. Ginger, honey, and olive oil are great for you, so you should definitely include them in your daily diet, or at least several times a week.

Leafy greens are a good idea as well, whether you like them as smoothies or salads, they still do the trick. Sticking to less processed foods is important, as is drinking water throughout the day, not at once. It is easy to get dehydrated.

Regular exercise and enough sleep are a must as well. Hope you implement at least some of this, and you will be good to go.

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