High-Functioning Anxiety 20 Signs

High-Functioning Anxiety

20 Signs that Might Indicate High-Functioning Anxiety

More and more people today suffer from some kind of anxiety or are in contact with someone who does. Depression and anxiety are one of the greatest threats to our modern society.

Especially young people have trouble coping with these issues, primarily because of the nature of the problem. They are subtle and they can sneak up on everybody.

Prime targets are the citizens of first world countries, but nobody is totally safe from them. Another type of anxiety is taking its hold in today’s world. It is the high-functioning one and it is no less dangerous.

It develops in times like these when in order to function properly and to be efficient, people tend to push back the problems they are facing and seemingly move on.

They might act as if they are dealing with their problems, but in fact they are just making things worse. Many of them aren’t aware that they are developing high-functioning anxiety and carry on with their daily lives.

But there are some traits that might suggest that kind of problem in people. We will provide you with twenty of them.

  • Trying to make everything perfect
  • Being great with details
  • Finding it difficult to refuse someone, even if you really want to
  • Processing every situation a bit too much
  • Being obsessed about the opinions of other people
  • Having a tendency to arrive before time on a meeting
  • Asking for clarification on things
  • Being overly apologetic
  • Avoiding to look people in the eyes
  • Being organized all the time
  • Keeping busy without taking a break
  • Thinking that you are judged and unwelcomed by everyone
  • Acting nervous and developing ticks
  • Have a difficulty falling asleep
  • Seeking for a safe space from stress
  • Procrastinating tasks that seem difficult
  • Avoiding social conventions
  • Thinking about the worst scenario as default
  • Going back to the same old conversations times and times again
  • Constantly comparing with other people
  • Being fearful about the future

Is there a way out for this menace? As with most things in life, it is solvable. Talking with people, friends or professionals, is always a good way to deal with the problem that is anxiety.

Activities such as yoga and meditation are also of great importance, as they provide relaxation both of the body and mind. The added activation of muscles will improve your mood and feel better about yourself.

Only a serious approach can help you battle this problem and make your life better.

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