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10 top tips for healthy body


Having a good body is what most of us dream of. Whether you are a boy or a girl at some corner of your heart you definitely have the desire to be healthy and have a good shape. And this desire lead most of us towards gym thinking that gym can be the ultimate solution to all our problems. But achieving an ideal physique is not always that simple. Most of the time even after hours of gruelling cardio sessions minor improvements are seen to come far too slowly.

This frustration rut can lead to quitting, or turning to steroids and other drugs that can seriously harm health. Instead of heading towards worst things we can take the right turn by understanding some straight facts and approach training and nutrition in a smarter way.

Here we will talk about facts based on science and also about various myths which we have been dealing with since very long.

Let’s discuss the various facts about your body and weight loss here

­Bad genetics is not a problem

­Genetics are a favorite scapegoat for people who cannot built enough muscle or lose enough fat. It is true that genes determines muscle groups, natural hormone levels, how much fat body tends to hold, where the fat tend to stored in the body but they do not alter the basic physiological process by which body builds muscle and looses fat. So pushing aside the genetic concern, muscle can still be gained, physique can still be maintained by proper training, eating, resting, that’s it.

Eat controlled diet to maximize muscle growth

 Bodybuilders follow grueling diets. They gorge for months turning into massive fat balls and he cut hard to gain competition shape. This cycle is very tough on the body. Clean bulk can rather help, which means eat controlled albeit large amount of calories sourced from high quality foods. If you want to keep yourself 300-500 calories surplus everyday you should focus on good carbs, such as whole wheat grains, brown rice, sweet potato, oats, and fruits,lean proteins such as turkey, fish, chicken and healthy fats such as fish, avocado, nuts and olive oil.

More sweat during cardio means more fat burn

Some people don’t sweat heavy while doing cardio sessions. The usual idea is sweat more to burn more calories. While sweating is great for clear skin but unfortunately not so great for fat loss. Even if you loose the extra weight that will be water weight which you will regain back once rehydrate. Excessive sweat can also lead to dehydration which according to the study of California state university increases the concentration of stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine, blunts testosterone response to exercise and negatively impacts the body metabolism of carbohydrate and fat. So don’t worry about sweating more while cardio workouts.

If you eat carbs you won’t always remain fat

Carbohydrate is now the victim of the same level of persecution that saturated fats endured for decades. According to a study of the University of Pennsylvania 63 obese people are either assigned to low carb, high protein ad high-fat diet. The result shows that these people lost more weight in 3 months but the result in 12 months are insignificant. If you have good insulin sensitivity and low secretion ie. good insulin response you will probably loose weight more easily on high carbs low fat diet. On the other hand if you have poor insulin sensitivity and high secretion i.e low insulin response you will do better with a low carb high fat diet. So with proper calorie intake you can loose 1-2 lbs per week.

Many smaller meals in day can help-

Smaller meals causes smaller metabolic spike and larger meals causes larger metabolic spikes that last longer. Many prefer the feeling of eating few hours as opposed to fewer, larger are separated by 5-6 hours. 400 calorie meal that leaves satisfied for few hours followed by another smaller meal with different ingredients and flavors. Our hunger patterns are established by our meal patterns, so its usually easiest to work around your schedule, not against.

Learn to manage your alcohol drinking pattern for muscle gain and weight loss

Similar to the carbs inquisition that’s in vogue these days, alcohol is the target of many criticism. There are various studies performed which clearly says that alcohol consumption does hinder weight loss efforts but in indirect ways. While alcohol itself cannot be stored as body fat, it blocks fat oxidation, which in turn accelerates the rate at which body stores dietary fat as body fat. But if you are an alcoholic and cant stop its intake then use following tips to protect excess fat storage:

Try not to consume alcohol more than one day a week

Restrict your dietary fat intake that day and don’t eat any fatty foods while drinking

Get majorities of calories from proteins and carbs that day

Stay away from carb-laden drinks like beer and fruity cocktails. Dry wines are good choice

Following these guidelines you can enjoy a few drinks every week without feeling guilty.

Protein requirements varies from person to person for muscle buildup

Protein needs vary from individual to individual. To avoid loosing muscle mass, the institute of medicine recommends 0.8 gm of protein per kg of body weight per day for ages 17-90. Note that it is a bare minimum that applies to sedentary individuals. The more physically active a person is the more protein is needed. But protein s very necessarily has to be managed. According to research conducted by university of western Ontario, 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight is sufficient for individuals participating in regular endurance exercise and 1.6-1.8 grams per kg of body weight is recommended for those involved in strength exercise.

One cheat day per week is not too ok –

Many diets give you one day per week to “cheat” and claim that eating whatever you want on these days won’t interfere with your fat loss. Suppose if you successfully maintained a 500 calorie daily deficit throughout the week and then overeat by 3000 calories on the seventh day. Easy to do when you are cheating for an entire day. You will have undone much of your work. It’s not that you should not have a cheat day but you should watch what to eat. Not too much fat will do good for your body.

Do not depend much on supplements-

Most of the thing you see in the world of workout supplements are worthless. A complete waste of money. Not all, but most. But still, there are handful of supplements that actually are worth buying and using.

Protein powder is convenient and helps you reach your daily protein requirements.

A multi-vitamin provides your body with the micro nutrients it may not be getting from the food you eat.

Fish oil is wonderful supplements that has many potential benefits and etc

Creatine is safe, effective way to improve strength and muscle growth.

Glutamine helps the body better deal with the systemic stress of exercise.

Sleep is important-

Sensible amount of sleep is important. Insufficient sleep can increase risk of chronic disease like hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, and etc. insufficient sleep can have negative effects on our hormone profiles. A large amount of fat loos occurs while you sleep for two reasons burnt quite a few calories while sleeping (a 160 lb person burns about 70 calories per hour) and much of it must come from fat stores because of not eating any food in several hours. So it is really important to get a proper sleep along with proper exercise.


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