Seven Ways To Spot A Narcissist


Seven Ways To Spot A Narcissist When They Try To Take Advantage Of You

Narcissists can be compared to sneaky monsters that won’t ask for permission to get under your skin and then suck all your blood, leaving you in a cold, empty and dark space. You try, but you can’t stop them.

People that suffer from narcissism are self-centered, manipulative, and selfish with not so ever sense of empathy. These vultures will use you as a pawn to win their game and they will use your energy to conquer the world.

Narcissist will make you believe in them,

they will fill your head with lies and tell you what you want to hear, soon making you their victim because they know how to play the game and they play it well. Almost too well, unfortunately.

So open your eyes and try to see them better, before they hurt you. These are seven helpful tips to help you spot them.

1. Narcissists will mask their true nature

You see, narcissists are like chameleons. Chameleons are known to change their color and adapt to their surroundings so in comparison narcissists change their emotions and they never show their true face.

Real emotions are hidden, they have a mask for crying when you’re not sad and another one for laughing when there’s no reason for that. Narcissist are also very careful with their masks because one look at their true nature and you will realize the dangerous creatures they are.

2. Narcissists will make you compete for their affection

A narcissist knows how to make you sweat for their attention because they had mastered the art of playing with people’s emotions a long time ago. When there is a problem and you point your finger on it, calling them out they will say you’re wrong and go through the lengths to involve a third person between the two of you, to receive their support.

They will compare to other people. Narcissists don’t care about your image, they are always going to be put in the best light while you’re the bad guy. They will go even further than that to make you doubt your sense of worth and make you fight to get their attention, also called triangulation.

3. Narcissists will always blame you

Narcissists are perfectionists and believe they are perfect themselves, so they will always believe they are right in their twisted little world. There will always be a way in convincing you and make you take the blame for everything.

You will be the reason for their bad mood, their words, and reactions, it will always be your fault. A narcissist will never accept responsibility for what they do to you, even when they know they did something wrong.

They just can’t do it.

4. Narcissists will make you feel ashamed

A narcissist will do everything to get under your skin, once you decided to open your heart to them and share your fears, weaknesses, secrets, and insecurities. This will all become weapons they can use against you.

Narcissist won’t be able to shut their mouth, they will make up and spread rumors about everything you tell them because narcissists enjoy making you miserable and in the end, you’ll end up creating a negative picture of yourself and start asking yourself what’s wrong with you.

5. Narcissist will use gaslighting

This is where you start doubting yourself as well as the narcissists’ abuse. This is where all the confusion begins. A narcissist will use gaslighting to twist your self-image, make you unable to trust your own beliefs and judgments, therefore you will feel empty and lose all your self-worth and identity.

They will manipulate you emotionally because of their constant need to control your thoughts, behavior, and feelings. A narcissist will brainwash you because they want to control you.

6. The narcissist will first idealize, then devalue and in the end, discard you

In the first idealization phase, known as love-bombing, a narcissist will put you on the pedestal telling you sweet words, what you want to hear, flatter you, and admire you. You’ll get their whole attention.

  • In the second, devalue phase the narcissist will show his true face. They will start criticizing you and compare you with others, play hot and cold and you’ll find yourself drained, physically and emotionally as well. The final Discard phase is where a narcissist will leave you. Finally, you can breathe!
  • Well not yet my friend. These narcissists will want to leave their trail in your life forever and this is what makes them brutal. Before they go they will make sure to do everything for you to remember them forever and narcissists will leave you for another person or blame you for the breakup.

They will humiliate and lie about you in front of others and they will enjoy the whole drama that goes with it.

7. Narcissists will continue with their manipulative game

A narcissist will never change simply because they can’t. After they hurt you they will just move on to find another victim. They will ruin their life as well as they yours, simply because narcissists enjoy the pleasure of destroying everything that doesn’t belong in their narcissistic world.

Don’t let them take advantage of you.

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