Simple Tips For Fit and Healthy Body

healthy body

Simple tips for fit and healthy body

When it comes to health we want easy and quick solutions nowadays, with increasing population and pollution health has become as one of the major concerns. So here are some health tips for a fitter and healthy body.

Simple tips for fit and healthy body

Diet and nutrition

Here we will answer some questions which very often comes in our mind whenever we think about diet:-


Well requirement of calories varies from person to person on the basis of whether you want to loose pounds or add to it. There are many calorie calculate available for free on the internet.

Approximately each pound of body fat contains 3500 calories. So you need to adjust your calorie intake accordingly. Suppose you want to gain 1 pound in 10 days so you will have to increase your daily calorie intake by 350.this depends on what you are aiming for. Calorie intake is also determined by several other factors.

Tips to help maintain your daily calorie intake:-

Eat small meals and snakes every 3 hours to keep metabolism going

Watch your portions of meal. Even too much healthy food can be bad

Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink lots of water.

Missing meals is not an option. Not only it makes metabolism fluctuate but it also leads to overeating other meals.

It is not that difficult to eat healthy when trying to hit  your health goals.

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Should we get in any yo-yo diet?

Yo-yo dieting is when you loose a considerable amount of weight only to gain it back later.

It can cause metabolism problems and even damage some vital organs. It is both physically and mentally unhealthy for us. Our body is not easily designed to handle weight change.

Here are some things to do in order to avoid yo-yo change

Be careful with your food

Stay away from unnecessary diet. Most diets restrict the varieties of food. And most of the diets pattern we use, is a kind of short term measure we take to reduce weight. Severe diets can deprive your body from necessary nutrients. So the solution is eat healthy food that suits your lifestyle.

Simple tips for fit and healthy body

For a healthy body maintaining the immune system of the body is very important

 Firstly your body needs a lot of fluids it can be pure water or some kind of herbal tea fruit juices or vegetable juices.

Various spices such as curry cumin dill and oregano help prevent diseases

Other spices with healing capacity such as turmeric it has anti-inflammatory property( that had been used since long time by people for its various good qualities) cinnamon and etc

Basil and dill has anti-bacterial properties oregano, cinnamon are believed to increase body metabolism which in turn can help in weight loss.

Lifestyle change is necessary

 Where dieting cant be an option there change in lifestyle can work wonder. when regular exercise is a part of your lifestyle it becomes easier to stay motivated and loose weight so it is very necessary to shape your lifestyle in a healthy way for a healthy body.

Simple tips for fit and healthy body

Exercise for fitness and fat loss

1.Take a Walk

Walking is considered as one of the best helps blood circulation increasing flow of circulation in the brain. It can also help with calcium loss and osteoporosis.

Walking helps in clearing mind reduce stress and anxiety, walking or running can help to better hormonal balance. Even if you are a arthritis patient walking can help in loosing joint stiffening.


Warming up is very important before any exercise, it should get the blood flowing in your muscles but don’t overexert . some good workouts are 5-7 min walk or light weights. But stretching is good and most effective after exercise because the lactic acid which accumulates in the body after exercise and creates sore and pain. Stretching exercises squeeze out the lactic acid from your muscles so your body can process it. When it becomes a habit it is like your body will become more pliable in future workouts.


 Running is one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight. It burns calories increases heart rate improving blood circulatory system .when you hit the jogging trail remember you need to start slow you should start with walking then start running 30-35 min of running can burn up to 400 calories running in sand helps burn more calories due to resistance and running in hills even burns more calories.

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