The Body Alerts you Prior to a Heart Attack

Heart Attack

The Body Alerts you Prior to a Heart Attack, Here are the Symptoms

We are sorry to say that over the past couple of years the heart attacks have become extremely common, breaking their way through the list of most common causes for death to the very first place.

And honestly, it is no wonder it took the first place. We live in a society filled with stress, handle stressful situations every single day and on top of everything, the food we regularly consume (which is junk food) does us so much harm.

Heart Attack

To protect the health of your heart you will have to make some serious life changes. You will have to start leading a completely different lifestyle.

Even though you will have to decrease your levels of stress, it is much better for you if you know the symptoms of heart failure. The symptoms start showing on the body approximately one month before the heart attack occurs.

  • You will experience shortness of breath. If your lungs are not able to get the amount of oxygen they need, then the heart will not get the blood it needs to. You can guess that these two systems are connected, meaning they are depending on each other and you can’t have one working without the other. So, if you experience troubles when breathing immediately go to your doctor because your body is alarming you with a heart attack. To lower your risk of a heart attack or a stroke all you need to do is lower your salt intake.
  • You will experience symptoms of a cold and the flu. Some people experience these symptoms right before having a heart attack, so if you are one of them, make sure you get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. To lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes consume small bits of chocolate every day.
  • You will experience chest pressure. Most people ignore this sign because they presume that it is normal and that they have nothing to worry about. But the truth is, this is not normal in any case. The pressure in the chest you are experiencing is a clear sign that a heart attack is going to strike you. Next time you experience them, see your doctor in an instant. To lower the risk of a heart attack, a stroke, or clogged arteries your doctor will recommend a list of healthy homemade beverages.
  • You will experience weakness. This is another sign of a heart attack. When the arteries become narrow, preventing the blood from circulating normally, means that your muscles are not getting what they require, causing you to fall. If your body feels weakened, make sure you pay your doctor a visit and discuss your situation. To increase your energy and strength, there are plenty of fruit juices that might help you with it.
  • Finally, you will experience cold sweats, dizziness, and fatigue. Poor circulation can affect the blood flow to the brain, which is crucial for the optimal function of the brain. You may feel tired and drowsy even after getting a proper night of sleep, and that may continue for days. This means that there is a lack of blood flow to the heart.

The best way to prevent a heart attack from ever occurring is to recognize the symptoms and treat them immediately. So, in order to keep your cardiovascular health in good shape, visit your doctor regularly and listen to your body carefully.

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