The Right Position For Sleep

Position For Sleep

The Right Position For Sleep For Each of these Problems

The slope of the body during sleep can cause stress and strain on the spine, neck, shoulders, hips and even the jaw, which affects how you feel the next day. All poses of sleeping has no positive impact on our health, and in some cases the way you sleep can significantly affect the quality of sleep.

Therefore, try to locate the most beautiful position and sleep peacefully. For fatigue you feel after sleeping sometime you blamed hard bed or pillow.

Right Position For Sleep

  • Perhaps this is the problem, but often the problem occurs due to incorrect posture during sleep. It is, as you can select the correct position for sleep.
  • During selection, keep in mind these three curves of your body: one of the lower back, mid-back and one around your neck. Your goal is to keep natural curves and during sleep.
  • Here we explained all right position to sleep for each of these health problems.

1. Shoulder pain

For this pain you need to sleep on the pain free side with slightly bent legs. You can grasp pillow to your chest and place another between your legs.

2. Back pain

You need to sleep in that position that you feel the best. The best is to lay on your back and place pillow under your knees and rolled up towel under the curve of your back.

3. Headaches

The main reason for headaches is twisted neck during sleeping. Try to surround your head with pillows in order to prevent turning.

4. Sinus trouble

Sleep with elevated head. In that way you will prevent the mucus from pooling in your sinuses.

5. High blood pressure

Sleeping with your face down can lower your blood pressure.

6. PMS pain

Sometimes sleeping position can affect painful PMS related symptoms. Try to place pillow under your knees.

7. Neck pain

Try to some neck support and you will feel the difference. We offer you try with rolled up towel and place it under the neck.

8. Digestion problem

For this problem is important to your stomach be positioned on the left side. In this way you left gravity to improve digestive process.

9. Heartburn

You can treat it with sleeping on your left side.

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